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About The Extraterrestrial Phenomenon

 This site was created to share opinions, to pass on credible information relating to important historical events. If generals, secretaries of defence, astronauts and pilots can come forth with true accounts of UFO’s, if they are that compelled and elated by the event, to come forth and tell whoever wants to listen and acknowledge that ridicule and criticism will naturally follow, then I’m willing to sit down and take notes.

 I’m helping people to see two sides of the story, only then can one make a proper evaluation, right?  I’m taking the knowledge from documentaries, documents and peoples real accounts. I then create and link the documents in one site for peoples viewing. There are large organizations that have sprouted from people like you and me that want to know the truth, and hunger for disclosure relating to UFOs.  I for one, know that this information stays hidden, that an organization of groups know and control this information.

The USA is one of the only countries who don’t release there UFO files to the public, most other large countries have. What’s to hide?  If we don’t work together and force the issue, nothing will change and either will the evolution of the human mind. Restricting access to historical human “right to know” just throws a blind fold on, so they can divert the truth as long as they can.

 Its not until people stand up, group together and take a stand. I don’t know how to get the information released from The US government, so we should be persistant and demand the truth.

 We all like to know, how we come about? Are we an evolutionary product that is a standard format throughout the universe spread by panspermia? Or are we manufactured hybrids of a species indigenous to this planet? Or can we just be an evolutionary species evolved from apes.

 I’m no expert on the subject, but anyone can see we are of the same species as the ape family. But where is the missing link? Where is the link between the hominoid (Australopithecus) and Homo Sapiens. It’s a massive jump when you look at the evidence. As one group of scientist put it, it was a “special event” the gift of speech and communication from an ape-man to Homo Sapien, and it was rapid change. The brain cavity now supports a brain size of 1000 to 2000cc, average is 1350cc. Australopithecus had a brain size of 450 to 500cc.

 We are so adapted to the 79% nitrogen 21% oxygen atmosphere and the 14.6 PSI pressure exerted at sea level. The size of the planet has just the right amount of gravity and our bodies have adapted to that gravitational force. Our species did evolve here, but was it helped along by outside terraformers?

 The moon has its own unusually precise orbit that enables a cleaning action created by the tides, and we are at a precise distance from the sun that gives us the right temperature so we don’t boil or freeze.

 Its good to be agnostic = someone who believes there is not enough evidence at this particular time, to make a proper evaluated decision of where we came from. Scientists gather data and make statements but often it’s still not 100% correct.

 So when people ask me what is your religion, I reply “Agnostic Evolution Interventionist studying Hermeticism”. Agnostic > meaning not enough proof at this particular time to make a proper evaluation. Evolution > I believe we are a product of this planets environmental conditions and we did evolved into a species called Australopithecus. But at some point in time after that, the "missing link" comes into play, its still unknowen by science what has happend from there (by the way, darwinisim is under scrutany at the present moment) human evolution is older that what is tought. Interventionist > At some point on the evolutionary path "missing link stage" our genes have been manipulated to form our current status.

All this is, is an agnostic view: ones opinion. So please don’t send me hate mail. Hermeticism > the birth where all religions come from, its more about "the All" than a physical person named god.

We are a non profit organization, any donation would be much appreciated. Donation

  So please collect these alien torrent files, and the alien torrent documentaries, some extraterrestrial movies, the UFO movies, watch the UFO torrents, from this site and show your friends and family, everyone can make there own decision. Understanding is better than not knowing at all.


 Such discussions as UFO sightings and UFO reports, can be viewed here. All your UFO movies, and even your UFO torrents can be found on this site.


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