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Photos of UFO's and Aliens

 I’m not really one for UFO photos, with modern image editing programs, the impossible becomes possible. Besides that, anyone with a UFO looking hubcap can toss it in the air and pass it off as a true image of a UFO. At least with movies it takes a veteran professional special affects video editor to make something look truly believable. But it can still be identified as real or not real. With that said, what’s a UFO site without UFO photos? Everyone wants to see alien photos or extraterrestrial biological entities (ebe). I do know of some supposed real photos, and I will try to identify them along the way. If you come across images that have been subject to analysis, please forward them to us, thank you.

  We do have a UFO forum, so please check there other UFO photos or alien photos.

In recent weeks allot of people have send photos but they didn’t meet the criteria to be passed on. Please if you have a decent photo that can be identified as something unusual and has structure then forward them on. IF you just have a light in the sky at night, it’s just that, “ a light in the sky” sorry.  Today even more photos show up everywhere, but unless they are very substantial high quality photos, then no one really takes any notice. Footage is even more important, if you have some video footage, please email or provide the links to the footage.

The average Grey Aliens seem to be the most widely advertised alien, but if you have seen something completely different, then send on your description or photos

This site is for UFO photos and the use of our UFO Forum, discover what an ebe is! Look at alien photos and see what a grey aliens looks like.


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